The beginning of the end

I thought my life would be over the minute my computer died on me. However, as with a lot of things in Russia, you can’t just give up. Luckily, I had a friend whose brother is a computer whiz and he managed to get my laptop screen to sort of work. Smacking it around a bit also helped. In other words, don’t bring a Mac to Russia because most people won’t know what the hell to do with it.

Last Friday was the “Last Bell” celebration at the lyceum. It’s a celebration that marks the last day of class for the graduating seniors.  For the last day of class, the seniors gussied up and the 5th graders came in and “taught” them. Then there was a concert, some speeches, and lots and lots of crying parents. All in all, it was really quite adorable and a lot of tears were shed. At my high school, we didn’t have anything like this. I remember we all went to Six Flag, and after graduation, we had an all night graduate party. But there were also roughly 500 graduating seniors at my high school — graduation felt like one gigantic party, whereas it was much more personal at the lyceum. Watching the seniors whisper excitedly to one another and nervously shift in their seats during the concert definitely got some waterworks out of me. I remember all of the emotions of high school graduation and all of the uncertainties. Will we all still be friends? Will we all stay in touch?


That’s kind of how I feel now. Everything is going to change so quickly, and whether or not I want it to, I have to go with it.

On a less angsty note, this past weekend, I also got to fulfill my dream and FINALLY rap in a concert. Yes, you read correctly. Rap. In a concert. In front of people. And no, it was not sloppily nor was it drunkenly (well, only a little bit) at a karaoke bar, it was at a legitimate concert. My friend Anesh and her sister Eka are two relatively famous singers here in Ukhta, and they invited one of their friends to sing with them in concert. They needed back up singers, so they asked yours-truly to help out. At first, I was only to sing back up in one song, but then it turned into two songs. At rehearsal, I saw that they were going to perform “Lady Marmelade.” I asked, sheerly out of curiosity, which one of them would rap. They all looked at me with wide eyes and said, “You! How about you?!” So I brought my street cred to the streets of Ukhta, and the crowd went wild.

Once pictures (and videos) are up, I will most definitely post them.


Here is a short video of me rapping in concert and an even shorter interview. The video starts at 4:40. 


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