London and Paris


I have always wondered if English people think American accents are charming the way we do about theirs. I’m going to put it out there that the American accent is the least pleasant out of the English speaking accents. It’s so damn nasally, flat, and uneducated sounding. I swear if I had a British accent, I would just never stop talking. Ever. They can say things like “cheers” and not sound like pretentious asshats! Brilliant.

I arrived in London bleary eyed after an overnight, overbooked flight on July 1st. I’ve never traveled alone before, and it definitely has its positives and negatives. A big positive is that I can do whatever I want and plan my schedule however I want. Harry Potter walk? No qualms about it. A negative would be that it’s just more difficult to get around. At least for me, it was. I am awful at reading maps. In fact, I’m pretty sure a person with no eyes would be more successful at determining where he needed to go then I was. Despite my terrible sense of directions, I was able to hit most of the touristy things: Tower of London, St. Paul’s cathedral, the British museum, and of course, platform 9 and 3/4. Among other things.

On July 5th, I left the overly crowded London for the even more crowded Paris. To be honest, I was a little nervous, since my French is pretty rough. I met up with a few friends and made some more, and it was nice to have people to hit up the tourist spots with. Pictures below.

I have conflicting feelings about Paris. It’s such an astonishingly beautiful city and I love how fast paced it is. On the other hand, I definitely had a sour impression of Paris at night. I went out with a few people from the hostel, and the entire time as I was walking, people (more precisely, the middle easterners) were throwing out some pretty insulting comments about my ethnicity along with disgustingly lecherous looks. I’ve never been so verbally harassed in my life! Definitely did not expect that kind of sleaziness from Paris.

Next up: Amsterdam. Only two words can describe my feelings: f-ing excited.




    • GT said:

      Amazing!! A little rubbery, but great flavor:)

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